A Good Direction, Panama

A Guide to Never Settling


There is something to be said for those destination Instagram pictures with the crystal blue water, the palm trees, the hammocks, its the idyllic lifestyle, the dream as they say. In your mind it is the place where you can have no worries in the world, if you’re lying in a hammock on white sandy beaches how could you? The urge is there to pack up everything and just get on a plane. You are actually right on the border of making that jump when your brain decides to arrive to the party. She’s the one that starts reminding you of all your responsibilities, the job, the money, the house and suddenly its just not that easy to make the break.


That’s the thing with settling, we settle with a job we maybe like but don’t love or maybe convince ourselves we do. We do the jobs because they’re going to set us up for the future or because we feel lucky to be in the positions we have or because we just need that extra year to climb the ladder that little bit further. But then where do we arrive? We arrive another step down the career lane, we’re given more responsibilities, more pay and all of a sudden we find ourselves with the same urge and the same longings but the barriers have grown.


Don’t get me wrong, if you are absolutely loving what you are doing then you’ve crushed it and absolute kudos to you but I’m talking to those of you who have that itch, even a slight fire in the belly to do something more, those of you who know you want to or know you need to.


We have been bought up with the idea that in order to find ourselves in a good career we need to go to school, and then go to university and then get a couple of years experience under our belts and then maybe after that we will be in a good enough position to do our grand old Overseas Experience. And yes it’s true to a point and you can’t argue with good education. But a good career is not everything and all we are ever doing is chasing. And for what? Big pay but long hours, prestigious job titles but poor pay and still long hours, a 9-5 to have enough money to just wake up and do it all over again. This is settling. Doing what we think we should instead of doing what we actually want to do. Following the patterns we are told instead of paving our own.


If you have found your place or your thing worth settling for then again, you’ve got it made and full credit to you. But if you even have that slight itch don’t let it be ignored.


There is hardly ever a perfect time and there will almost always be something you want to stick around for and maybe that tiny bit of scared that appears as doubt in your mind.


It is and it isn’t simple.


Book a trip, explore somewhere you have never been.
But really explore, immerse yourself, find out what you like and what you don’t, talk to people, learn from them.
It won’t take you long to realise how much opportunity there is to find your thing.


Admittedly it might be a bit overwhelming, you will have to make a lot of choices and it won’t be easy, but your choices will be from good options. From options you didn’t even know existed. And if you don’t like what you see you can always go home. But at least now you’ve opened yourself up to the world of possibilities and you will no longer have to wonder what if.
At least now you would have satisfied the itch.
But if you love it, which I almost guarantee will be the case then keep going, extend your trip, find a temporary job, get a visa for somewhere, follow your nose and leave the door wide open for whatever opportunity may arise.


Travelling, taking the leap into the unknown and searching out all the things we love is scary but settling for a half a life, that is terrifying.

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