Koh Phangan

The Destination

Haad Rinn Beach, the home of the infamous Full Moon Party. Enough said.
I apologize in advance as I myself made a rookie error and did not plan my timing for a full moon. Idiot. 



The List

Full Moon Party

  • It goes without saying, most people who visit Koh Phangan plan around a Full Moon. Anything goes.

Parties, Parties, Parties

  • If you don’t make it to a full moon, or you have the stamina to stick around for more there is always something happening. Jungle parties, half moons, you will never be hard pressed to find something. Bare in mind that outside of full moon parties the place substantially quietens down. Mushy mountain is always open though.

Explore the Island

  • There is more to Koh Phangan than just full moon parties, it is actually full of hidden gems to explore from secluded beaches, to treks to waterfalls and viewing peaks, hire a scooter and go explore.



  • Our House Hostel
    • When you are paying $9NZD / night you can not complain
  • There are plenty of hostels to chose from, be prepared to embrace the party island in less than luxurious living.
  • Length of stay would depend what time of the year you chose to go, if you go for full moon you will want a few nights, if not its easy enough to skip out after one or two nights.

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