A Good Direction, Cambodia

Koh Rong

The Destination

Another one of my favourite spots. Koh Rong is an island off Sihnoukville where there isn’t a lot to do but chill out, swing in a few hammocks and enjoy life.

The List

Hike / Hammock / Boat Long Beach

  • Hike over the hill to Long Beach, the most amazing, undeveloped, stretched out, turquoise, quiet beach ever. Take a hammock with you and tie it under a tree for a couple nights. Boat back round to the main side. The beach has power for a couple hours a day, otherwise it’s just you, the beach and a couple locals selling beers from their chilly bins.

A boat outing

  • Take a long tail boat exploring. There are lots to choose from, we went snorkling around a couple islands, lunch at Koh Rong Saloem a nearby island and had sunset beers at Long Beach.

2 for 1 cocktail happy hours

  • Pull a chair up at the beach, have some dinner and treat yourself to 2 for 1 cocktails.


  • Chill out on the beach, in a hammock, on a boat



  • Smile Guesthouse
    • The main accommodation is bungalows on the beach. A luxurious change from the hostels. Get an early ferry across to make sure you can find accommodation. You can’t book many in advance so get there early to be safe.
  • Treehouse Bungalows
    • Treehouses overlooking to beach, need I say more?
  • Stay at least 2 nights, longer for more chill time but remember to go early in the day to get something decent.