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Money F**kn Problems


There always seems to be one thing in common with people our age travelling and wanting to set ourselves up on the otherside of the World. That tiny little issue that we aren’t high rollers with unlimited wads of cash to throw around.
Well, not most of us anyway.


That’s the first problem. The second problem is that alot of us actually have to leave paying jobs, forfeit a bit of income and hope that we make it out alive on the otherside.


I’m here to tell you that money isn’t everything and bla bla bla I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. But it is true.  The ongoing money debate is tiring and endless and no one ever really wants to deal with it. Worst of all people are so caught up in worrying about it that the option of travelling is over before it was ever even really considered.


So how do we do it all when we certainly don’t have it all?


Plain and simple when we really want something, we find ways to make it happen.


Here’s a kickstarter list, it is by no means the only way to do it, those with a bit of entrepreneurial spirit will no doubt come up with a few more genius ways but at least this is a start to get you exploring your options.


Travel on the Cheap


Firstly, if you plan on doing this for a while rather than just a “holiday” you have to understand that it’s all about trying to stretch your money out as far as possible. Here are a few tips.


  • Find the cheap flights, my first port of call is always Skyscanner but there are other options. Do your research, generally speaking Wednesdays are usually the cheapest days to travel.
  • Get out of the ritzy business and get into the hostels, they are way more fun anyway. You could try your luck at couchsurfing, where you literally find people who will let you sleep on their couch
  • Travel on the cheap – in places like Europe you can use BlaBlaCar where you can ride share, I’ve done it before and it’s worked out cheaper than trains, plus you can get to meet and chat to the locals or other fellow travellers!
  • Cook for yourself – Alot of countries you visit are cheap to eat out, but it almost always works out cheaper cooking for yourself. Instead of spending a few bucks on a meal out, spend a few bucks on a meal that might last you a few days.
  • Be smart – preloading is not just a thing for University students, buying a few cheap drinks at the store on the corner will save a few bucks at the bar. Depending on your level of outrageousness I would quickly learn my way around a can of FourLoko.
  • It’s all about prioritizing your money for max happiness and experience, skimp where you can, spend when you feel it’s necessary. You’ll be amazed at how far your money can go when you learn to get smart.




Work in a hostel

  • If you are planning on staying in one spot for longer, or if you never planned to but fell in love with somewhere, get a job at the hostel.
  • No matter where you are in the world all the hostels need staff and more often than not those people are travellers just like you.
  • All hostels are different, some will give you board and food, some just board, some will pay you or some may be discounted board. Either way it allows you to stretch the moolah a bit further, and meet some awesome people in the process



  • This was my first port of call (lol). I had heard the kind of money you could make and the places you could see (not necessarily visit or explore) and it seemed like a win win, travel the world and get paid for it.
  • Starting pay rate is usually around 2500Euros/ month with accommodation, food and necessities all covered, plus the added bonus if you are on a charter yacht making tips.
  • Because you are working on International waters the visa situation is a grey zone.
  • Keep an eye out for more posts about yachting soon but take note that it’s not always as glamourous as it sounds, it can be mentally and physically exhausting but if you’re up for it by all means get stuck in.



  • Haven’t manage to quite crack this one myself yet but I’m working on it.
  • Making money off a blog generally requires creating a following and being smart about what you do with that following.


Yoga teaching

  • It’s all the rage. Become a certified yoga instructor and earn some under the table cash on the road.



  • I’m talking less about the programs you pay to be a part of and more about volunteering at different festivals around the world for a free ticket in. Festivals aren’t generally kind to a backpacker’s budget so find out if you can work your way in.




English Teaching

  • There are lots of different programs out there where you can sign yourself up to go and teach English around the world. Popular places that I have heard about are Thailand, Japan & Korea.
  • I imagine this would be an amazing immersive experience to really get yourself out of your comfort zone and learn a culture and even pick up a language.


Become an Au Pair

  • Again, like teaching being an Au Pair is usually run by programs looking to give the opportunity for a cultural experience. Being an Au Pair is much like being a Nanny, become part of a family somewhere in the world, have your board and food paid for and make a bit of cash to help you get the most out of your experience.
  • The visas are looked after as part of the program.


Summer Camps

  • Getting a visa for the USA is not the easiest thing in the world so exploring the option of doing a summer camp is a good way around it.
  • Playing around with a bunch of snotty nosed kids during the summer and taking off for a bit of travel afterwards seems to be the general trend.


Company transfers

  • Probably known by some other fancy word in the business world but find out if your current job has offices overseas or has sister companies they work with closely.
  • This is a good way to work around visa issues as the Company will generally work with you to ensure you can get it all sorted.
  • Having a job sorted before heading off will give you a giant headstart.




Snowboard/Ski instructing

  • Join the hoards of Australians in Canada for a season on the Mountains.
  • Or venture out, find other Mountains out and about, find out when their seasons run, how you can get accommodation, what visas you need.
  • For obvious reasons this one requires a bit of talent on skis or a board and probably a piece of paper to show you are capable of instructing.
  • There is also the option to be a part of the mountain madness without actually instructing by looking into hospitality jobs in the area.


Join the Hospo World

  • Pick up a job as a bartender, waitress, hostess, barista, whatever your heart desires.
  • Hospitality is a good way to make friends and have a casual job that lets you enjoy the place in your free time.
  • Depending on where you are and the kind of establishment you can pick up some pretty good money in tips, especially if you find yourself as a bartender or cocktail waitress at some swanky exclusive club.



  • If you have a talent or a skill that people are willing to pay for you’re in a good position. Work when suits you, do what you love and probably make some decent coin.
  • Some examples of freelancing include photography, design, and consulting.



  • A similar experience to being an Au Pair however there is potential to make a bit more money.
  • If a family needs a Nanny generally they are wealthy families. Who knows what kind of trips away and opportunities may come up for you.


Get a Job

  • Obviously with a visa you have a bit more flexibility on what you can do. Once you get a visa you can hunt down a job in your chosen industry if you so wish.
  • This can definitely be seen as a win win. Put all that education to use and explore a new country!

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