A Good Direction, France


The Destination

Nice, the beautiful French city I had always remembered from the magazines set on the idyllic Cote d’Azur.

The List

Walk up Castle Hill

  • Here is where you will find that picture perfect moment overlooking the promenade on one side and the port on the other.
  • A Good Direction, France

Rollerskate / Bike / Walk Along the Promenade

  • But actually just find some skates because that would be boss. The promenade stretches for miles, plenty of time to get the coordination together.
  • A Good Direction, France

Take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea

  • and buy a bottle of $2 wine, some cheap baguettes and cheese and park up on the stony beach.
  • A Good Direction, France

Waynes Bar

  • Nothing French about Wayne’s Bar but I can guarantee you will end up dancing on the tables.
  • A Good Direction, France

Explore Old Town and the Port

  • Get lost wandering around the old town, try some Socca, eat lots of pizza and people watch
  • A Good Direction, France


  • Villa Saint Exupury Beach Hostel
    • Good location, good common areas and $1 beers at happy hour. Winning.
  • Hostel Meyerbeer Beach
    • A bit further away but a smaller, easy place to meet people and the staff are awesome.
  • Nice is a good spot to base yourself out of to explore and do day trips around the rest of the Cote d’Ázur so aim to stay at least 4 or 5 nights.

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