A Good Direction, Portofino


The Destination

The coasts of Italy are filled with quaint old towns but this one takes the cake. Portofino is always pictured in Instagram posts that have anything to do with the rich and famous who bring their yachts in and spend their money but for good reason. It is absolutely beautiful. Please go.

The List


  • The town itself is really the ultimate attraction
  • There isn’t much more you need to say except to get lost wondering around and taking it all in. It is truely one of the most beautiful places I have visited!

A Good Direction, Italy

Castello Brown

  • Walk up to the castle on the hill to get an overview of the whole village and beyond.


  • Unless you weasel your way onto some rich guys yacht I would just do a cruise through

Getting there

  • To get to Portofino you need to turn off at Rapello and drive through Santa Margherita both destinations in themselves.


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