A Good Direction, Sihanoukville


The Destination

When travelling from Siem Reap most people will take the overnight bus that goes through Phnom Pehn, do not ever plan to arrive on time when travelling on bus in Asia, our bus eventually arrived to Sihanoukville 3 hours later than expected.

After being landlocked arriving to the beach in Sihanoukville is one of the best feelings. Sihanoukville is a low key beach town where most people chose to stay at either Serendipity Beach or Otres Beach. Otres Beach is apparently the nicer side but Serendipity is a good time.

The List

Drinks on the Beach

  • Serendipity Beach is lined with beach bars and colourful loungers. The best activity after having been stuck in a bus all night.

Happy Hour at Utopia Hostel

  • 25c a beer, bingo.

Jungle Party

  • A tuk-tuk ride to the middle of nowhere, a moat crossing and a dodgy ferris wheel in the middle of the jungle. Say what?


  • Utopia
    • Whilst the beers and the beds are cheap I wouldn’t completely recommend it unless you really feel like roughing it
  • Led Zephyr
    • Nice and close to Utopias happy hour but a million times cleaner.
  • A lot of people have different opinions on Sihanoukville, whilst some think its dirty and dangerous others thrive off it. Stay at least one night on your way to Koh Rong, if you have more time try stay at both beaches.

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