Koh Phi Phi

The Destination

Only a hop, skip and a jump from Phuket there are mixed reviews on Koh Phi Phi with people saying it is just another tourist mecca while others get stuck in a vortex and can’t seem to leave. I planned to only stay for 2 nights (on a tight time schedule) but squeezed in another. I probably would have squeezed in a few more if timing had allowed.

Koh Phi Phi is filled with backpackers staying in hostels along the beach, drinking excessively and not doing a hell of a lot else. Oh and diving. I hear a few people do that around here to.



The List

The Viewpoint

  • Do a trek up the steep steps to the viewpoint and sweat out all of your sins from the night before but make sure to do it at high tide otherwise you will be trudging back up to capture the Instagram worthy version.

Maya Bay

  • You’re on Phi Phi Island, it has to be done
  • Go and visit Maya Bay aka the bay where Leonardo Di Caprio’s “The Beach” was filmed. It will be filled with people but you still just can’t beat that movie view.

Go on a Booze Cruise

  • Like I said, not much else you do on Phi Phi besides excessive drinking and as a result there are a few different booze cruise options to chose from.
  • I decided to go on the Blanco Beach Bar one as it was on the cheaper side. You get your own wee bucket to fill up with as much booze as you can possibly handle for the afternoon, cruise around Monkey and Maya bays with the music blasting, park up, watch the sunset and cruise back.
  • Another one I’ve heard only good things about is Bobs Booze Cruise which is on a sail boat, goes a bit further and includes kayaking and snorkeling but with a higher price tag.


  • Its a beach, you have to
  • Stones Hostel has plenty of mats to lax on, take a breather, recharge and do it all over again

Banana Bar

  • Another hotspot, didn’t make it there myself but I’ve heard good things


  • Stones Bar Dorm
    • You’ll be hard pressed to find a quiet hostel to stay at if you want to be on the beach but it’s not a bad thing.
    • Stones is on the beach, has it’s own bar, restaurant and nighttime entertainment, one of the best DJs on the island apparently and next door to Blanco Beach Bar which is always a good time for a few games to start the night off.
  • Depending on your time allowance I would recommend at least 2 nights but try be flexible and open to staying longer

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