New York City, A Good Direction

Things don’t always go to plan


There is a funny thing about us humans. We have this odd tendency to always want to have a plan. We find comfort in it, a safety blanket almost. If we have a plan, we surely can’t go wrong.


I guess that’s why we so easily fall into the school, uni, work path. It’s a good proportion of our lives that is already laid out for us. A plan followed by so many that surely it can’t fail.


But what if always having a plan is really not a good plan at all? What if having a plan is actually the very thing deferring our worldly possibilities and opportunities.


By no means am I saying to go out and become a gypsy or join the circus (unless of course that’s your thing) but it is a bit of food for thought. What if we could all let go out a little bit of serious in our lives and replace it with some spontaneity? Where would it lead us? What doors would open?


We have so many “crucial” decisions in this stage of our lives. Choosing our next move, what uni? what job? what city? Surely we can’t be forced to pick out a combination of choices to create the ultimate plan.


We need to instead find a way to lay out the options in front of us like stepping stones rather than a barriered one way highway where we just always seem to miss the exit.


Thats the beauty of travelling because more often than not we put ourselves in a position with very few responsibilities, we have a free run to do what we want as the opportunity presents itself.


We might bump into someone along the way who leads us to a new stone that sets us on a different path. We explore our new environment and make baby steps towards a direction that feels right. But we do it step by step, moment by moment, not all at once and not with all the pressure on us.


With a little less planning and a little more spontaneity we aren’t blinded by the tunnel vision of a plan. Instead we are encouraged to grow our networks, to educate ourselves piece by piece about the possibilities  and we become a little more street smart and confident as we stumble our way through.


Funnily enough without a plan we actually end up giving ourselves more control.


Sure it may not be a long term solution, but if there is ever a time for it it is now.
Get off the highway and start exploring the backstreets and who knows the people you’ll meet, the things you’ll see and the places you’ll end up.

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